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DHS Open Day
NDHB Measles Collateral
For protection against Measles please download the Measles Update Here
Parents/caregivers please provide a copy of your child's Immunisation/Vaccination certificate.
Copies should be dropped off at the school office. For information: www.northlanddhb.org.nz

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NCEA 2019 Fees & Scholarship Fees Removed

If you have paid this fee you are now entitled to a refund. Can you please phone the school office on 094397229 to discuss the repayment. Repayments can either be credited onto your child's school fee account or paid into a designated bank account. If you wish to have the refund paid into your bank account you will need to provide the school with either a bank deposit slip or proof of bank account number from your bank clearly showing the name of the bank account and bank account number.


Important Dates for your Diary

Mon 9 Dec :  Yr 13 Graduation Dinner
Tue 10 Dec :  DHS Open Day
Thu 12 Dec :  Junior Prizegiving @ 10 am

Drum Roll - Leadership Roles

Download 2018 Scholarship Winners

Head Leaders: Jordan Hutchings, Marnie Jones
Deputy Leaders: Phoebe Godfrey, Alicia Covacich

Academic: Kiana Raeli, Natala Morgan, Tamsyn Hooper, Melissa Marlow

Māori: Destiny Foster, Maureen Aloua
Pasifika: Martha Sekicolo, Olita Sekicolo

Arts: Caitlin Norman, Erin McKinley, Amy de Bruin, Inez Astley, Lara Brownie, Alee Cowley

Technology: Nico Zwanns

(Andrews)  Kelly Armore, Billy Bradley
(Davids)  Emma Pocklington, Kayley McKenzie
(George)  Caleb Panapa, Victoria Cole
(Patricks)  Te Owai Ashby-Nathan

Events Management / Media: Minnie Ihaka Fanning

Audited Accounts