Dargaville High School uniform

School Uniform

Your uniform is your identity with the school. It needs to be worn presentably and that means clean and tidy. Our standards for the acceptability of an item of clothing, hairstyles and accessories, is that it is smart and a good advertisement for Dargaville High School. The Deputy Principal will govern the suitability of what is acceptable and what is not! All clothing should be clearly named. No gang colours or regalia are allowed at any time.

2018 Uniform Year 9

Shirt: Navy Blue Polo shirt with School Logo

Shorts, Trousers or Skirt: Black trousers, shorts or skirt, le Faitaga/Tupenu

Socks: Black socks

Sweatshirt: V-necked pullover

Jackets: Navy School Jacket with School Logo

Shoes: Shoes must be black and polishable. Shoes must have low backs. If shoes have laces, they must be black.
Technology, Science and Food classes: Black, hard leather lace up shoes to comply with Health and Safety regulations.

Sandals: Black Roman sandals


Shirts: You should have a plain white or black polo knit shirt with collar or school white blouse or shirt. There must be no logos on the shirt. Year 13 students may wear plain coloured polo, blouse or shirts. The 'Dress uniform' may be worn.

Shorts, Trousers or Skirt: These should be plain and grey. They must be worn on the waist. Sandals may only be worn with shorts or skirts. Trousers must be worn with shoes.

Socks: Girls - white or black socks. Boys - long grey socks pulled up when wearing shorts, or black business socks.

Sweatshirt: This should be maroon in colour and round necked. Alternatively a maroon V-necked pullover. (Standard school colour is available from local stockists.)

Jackets: Plain black (no logos or signs). Preferably rain and weather resistant that is able to be worn over the school maroon jersey or maroon sweat shirt. Cardigans of any sort are not an option. Alternatively DHS sells from the school office an attractive jacket that has the school logo on it. Hoods must not be worn in class. Remember: Jackets are brought to school at the student's own risk. The school will not investigate missing jackets.

Shoes & Sandals

Years 9 to 11: All black uppers, soles and laces. Shoes must be polishable. (Not suede, canvas or any other light material.)

Year 12 and 13: As above for Technology, Science and Food Classes. Students not in Technology, Science and Food Classes must wear solid black shoes, uppers and soles and again not suede, canvas or light materials.


Sandals allowed all year round but must be worn with shorts/skirts only. Sandals and long pants are not allowed.

Year 9 to 13: Black or Brown sandals with back strap. For Physical Education students must ensure that they have appropriate footwear and no jewellery.

Please Note: Additional clothing may be required for certain subjects such as PE and Home Economics.


Hats: Plain sun hats, caps or beanies must be taken off in class. Beanies can be black.

Scarves: Black.

Studs: You can wear small gold or silver studs in each ear, a single nose stud. No bling, ear rings or sleepers. Where studs are worn, these are at the student's own risk, bearing in mind any health and safety requirements. No hoops, rings or holes. No rings or bracelets, but coloured fund raising band allowed where appropriate.

Other: Boys must be clean-shaven.

Hair: Colours must be natural. Styles - need to be able to get a comb through the hairstyle, no braids or dreadlocks. Hair must be tied back for specified subjects for Health and Safety reasons.

Tattoos: Must not be offensive.

Travelling Uniform

There are many occasions such as sports, music and cultural trips etc. where students may wear travelling uniform. When on any occasion standard uniform may be worn as an alternative to travelling uniform, a white polo shirt is required.

MUFTI is not allowed on such occasions.

  • Shirt / Blouse: white long sleeved with stiff shirt collar suitable for a tie
  • School tie
  • For Girls: a school grey skirt - kick pleat in the back, standard length and width
  • Trousers: Must be school grey and can be worn by either boys or girls
  • Shoes: Black solid lace up
  • Socks: Girls - white. Boys - grey
  • Sweatshirt: Standard maroon jumper or sweatshirt
  • Jacket / Blazer (may be borrowed from the School Office)