Dargaville High School Houses

School Houses

At Dargaville High School we have numerous activities as interhouse competitions. Activities range from sporting and cultural to speech and Maths competitions. Students are allocated houses as soon as they enrol at the school encouraging team collegiality and a sense of belonging. The Houses have become very competitive over the last few years with a variety of codes in academic and cultural being added to the “sport” flavour of yesteryears. The House system and naming was setup at the beginning of Dargaville High School (1920's), obviously the founder from British roots. Dargaville High School has four houses:

St Andrews (Blue) Patron Saint of Scotland
St Davids (Yellow) Patron Saint of Wales 
St George (Red) Patron Saint of England
St Patricks (Green) Patron Saint of Ireland

House Leaders

Houses House Leaders  
St Andrews Dayne Fowlie Renee Klenner
St Davids Charley Green Kane Pomare
St George Ana Searle Stephanie Cole
St Patricks Hoani Rogers-Brown Tasmyn Pirini

The house leaders have a number of responsibilities: primarily to ensure their house wins! The house leaders work closely with the Dean, Mr Raeli.