New Zealand Kauri tree

Mission Statement

Dargaville High School will be a leading school that teaches our students to be enthusiastic life-long learners with a passion for success and the skills to contribute positively to our community and the wider society.

whatonga korero

Ko te Kura tuarua o Takiwira hei akonga tauira. Hei ngakau whakapuke ako, ki te angitu me te moihotanga. He takahoa hua Ki tenei rohe whanui.


When developing policies and practices for the school every endeavour is made to reflect New Zealand Cultural diversity and the unique position of the Maori culture.

  • Students will be encouraged to fulfill their potential
  • Staff will be valued and encouraged to develop as a professional
  • Parents and the community will have a relationship with the school where they work constructively together

Dargaville High School will promote values that ensure all students will contribute in a positive manner to New Zealand society. These values will underpin all initiatives and activities undertaken in the achievement of the vision of the school. Dargaville High School will develop procedures and practices that reflect New Zealand’s cultural diversity and the unique position of the Maori culture, in consultation with our community. The school will take all reasonable steps to provide instruction in Tikanga (Maori culture) and Te Reo (Maori language). Dargaville High School’s core values are:

  • Respect (Whakaute)
  • Responsibility (Kawenga)
  • Contributing (Aroha Hoatu)
  • Integrity (Ngakau Tapatahi)

Success is the expected outcome of applying these values and the key to further opportunities.