Dargaville High School Subject Fees

Subject Fees

Subject Fees may be required when a student chooses a course with a take home component of materials. For example food for Food Technology, DVD’s for Computing etc.

Please note: Stationery lists are a guide for parents for full-time courses taught at the school and commencing at the beginning of the year. Notification of requirements and fees for other courses (such as STAR courses) will be given, as courses are arranged.

School Donation

This is a voluntary donation which is tax deductible. In 2010 the donations received contributed towards: Music (Guitars), Data Projectors and P.E equipment. In 2011 contributed towards: Equipment for Sport and Sport Recreation courses, Music Equipment, Science IT Equipment and wireless internet.

School Donation for 2018

  • $60.00 1 pupil family
  • $70.00 2 pupil family
  • $80.00 3 or more

Stationery & Subject Fees

Stationery Requirements:
Each subject has specific stationery that must be purchased and some subjects have other requirements that are also stated.

2018 Subject Fees and Stationery Lists PDF's

School Fees Policy

Principles of School Fees

1. Announce well in advance for every subject, So that parents are well informed as the choice is being made, and can then decide whether they can afford to fund that course:

  • Whether a trip is integral to the course, and its associated costs
  • What the individual subject cost component will be

2. Photocopying is not able to be charged to students.

3. Collected photocopying may be presented in a work-book format which is considered as a textbook, unless it is designed to be written in when it is a workbook. Workbooks if actually written in must be purchased; if used as text only can be returned like textbooks.

4. Internet usage:

  • if considered essential in any subject, access fees are not chargeable.
  • If not essential to curriculum, access would be limited to those who have paid, (subject to those not paying being ‘disadvantaged’ or facing discrimination).

5. Education free up until 1st Jan after 19th Birthday. Adult students therefore should be expecting to pay both the full cost of all materials, including consumables used, and potentially an additional course fee reflecting at least some of the cost of delivery of the course. (see Adult Student Policy)

6. School Donation, will only be referred to as such, and will be clearly separated out from any subject/course fees. As a donation no GST is paid, and it is tax deductible.

Adult Students Policy

Providing education to Adult Students is a role that Dargaville High School BOT is pleased to make available, where it is clear that traditional students are not disadvantaged.

The School will charge such students fees that reflect the costs of their tuition. The fees charged to Adult Students for any individual subject will be approved by the Board. The School's Operational Grant will not be used to contribute to the cost of Adult student learning.