Dargaville High School homework


Homework is set, checked and marked. Homework extends the learning time beyond the classroom and reinforces good work habits. Proof of homework lays in students' homework diaries. Continued neglect of homework becomes a discipline issue.

Student Homework Diaries

All students are expected to have a homework diary which is provided free from the office at the start of the year. All students are aware that diaries must be taken to every class. Homework is expected to be given to students and to be checked for completion by the teacher and parents.

Diaries are also a useful tool for communicating with parents. Notes can be written by the teacher in the diary, it can be taken home by the student to be signed by the parent and returned the following day.

They can also be used to show parents the teachers' attempts to signpost issues that they may not be aware of. The communication of serious issues will be undertaken more formally, usually by telephone or at an organised meeting.