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Meet our new Principal Mike Houghton

Dargaville High School principal Michael Houghton
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Important Dates for your Diary

4 July: Mufti Day - $2 Camp
7 July: End of Term 2
8-23 July: School Holidays
24 July: Start of Term 3

Drum Roll - School Leaders

Head Boy: Conor Willy
Head Girl: Jasmine Rae
Deputy Head Boy: Hoani Rogers-Brown
Deputy Head Girl: Stephanie Cole
Academic Leaders: Darryn He, Danielle Curel, Katie Godfrey, Esther Savage, Tanya Nilsson
Cultural Leaders: Dylan Kani, Trisha Mackie
Arts Leaders: Jasmine Humm, Hannah de Bruin, Samantha Sinclair, Sarah Buckwell, Shaynia Robertson
House Leaders:
St Pats:
Tasmyn Pirini, Hoani Rogers-Brown, Loren Pocklington, Charley Green
St Andrews: Dayne Fowlie, Renee Klenner
House Leaders / St George: Stephanie Cole, Ana Searle